Electrical Testing and Tagging

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Do you know what to look for in a good commercial technician?

A simple internet search will give you a billion different commercial electricians in the Perth area, but who to choose?

Finding a team that is experienced, creative and affordable can seem overwhelming and stressful if you’re a commercial property owner.

So, what should you be looking for in a good commercial electrician? Let us tell you:

  • A team that is adaptable and creative to come up with on the spot solutions during a build or fit out.
  • Experience. Assessing an electrical teams background and experience is 100% necessary.
  • Their ability to work and effectively communicate with a broad range of customers including builders, commercial contractors, and building owners.
  • How they present themselves and if they’re capable of staying on task during a build.
  • A team that expresses passion and excitement about your project, no matter how big or small.

Pop Quiz: Do you know how often you’re supposed to get your electrics tested on your home or commercial property?

A: Every 5 years / B: Every 10 Years / C: Every Year / D: All of the Above
Hover for the answer.


If you guessed D, You’re right (sort of). The truth is that each of the points above are correct depending on the type of property you’re looking to get tested.

Residential Electrical

For residential property owners living in their home you need to make sure you’re testing and tagging your electricals at least every 10 years.

Commercial Electrical

For Commercial property owners and those with rental properties you’re legally required to have your home or business serviced every 5 years.

Pool Electrical

Have a pool? It’s highly recommended that you get your pools electricals tested every year.

Commercial Maintenace, Repairs & Installations

KNP Electrics providing electrical maintenance and repairs, covering the Perth area and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our team will work with you step by step, offering experienced advice on design, safety, and practicality. Coupled with our efficient, friendly service, this guarantees the safety of your home or commercial property.

We take pride in all our work and every job we take on receives the highest level of our attention to detail.

For Perth Electrical Contractors in Commercial, Residential and Emergency 24/7 Services, contact KNP Electrics on (08) 6243 1756 or info@www.knpelectrics.com.au.

Testing is essential for building health and function:

Getting your properties (whether commercial or residential) electrical function and appliances tested regularly is essential to maintaining your home or businesses health and function. By ignoring this simple maintenance, you could be putting your family, renters, co-workers or customers at risk of dangerous electrical faults. It can also lead to even more expensive repair costs that could easily be avoided with a simple electrical check-up.

At KNP electrics, one of our top priorities is your safety and making sure that everything is up to code. We don’t skip steps or ignore the little things. We’re thorough, make sure all the boxes are ticked, and leave you with a detailed assessment of the current health of your home or commercial properties electrics.

With our detailed electrical testing and tagging service, we will assess the following for safety and function:

  • Electrical Switchboards
  • Safety Switches/RCD’s
  • Inspection of wiring (indoor and outdoor)
  • Circuit protection equipment/fuses
  • Smoke alarms and detectors
  • Surge protection equipment
  • Earth Conductors
  • Electrical resistance testing
  • Electrical insulation test
  • Inspection of lighting and switches
  • Inspection of power including power points and outlets
  • Any other electrical concerns that you may have in your home or business

Commercial Property Electrical Testing and Tagging

Most commercial property owners are not aware of their legal obligations when it comes to electrical safety in their offices or buildings.

This lack of awareness can lead to a variety of problems from legal issues to injury.

So as a building owner in Perth, what do you need to know?

  • That you are legally required to have your electrical equipment tested and tagged every 5 years
  • That your facilities need to be compliant with current Australian safety standards (AS/NZS 3760:2010 standards).
  • That staying current on your electrical testing and tagging helps you meet your OH&S obligations, can lower your insurance costs, can even boost employee morale.

This can seem like a lot of responsibility in your already busy schedule, but the team at KNP electrics can help. Our electrical technicians are well rehearsed in the latest technologies and qualified to give your commercial property the electrical health check it needs.

We provide a full electrical test and tag of your building or office that includes the following:

  • A visual check of all appliances and electrical leads to identify any problems or defects
  • Electrical tests performed with portable
  • Appliance tester on all items
  • Tagging of all appliances and leads with next due dates
  • A computer generated detailing appliances and test results
  • Follow up reminders
  • Earth leakage, current leakage, insulation resistance and polarity testing
  • Microwave radiation leakage testing

We make sure all the boxes are ticked and that you are left with the information you need for potential repairs or issues. If your building passes the test, then you’ll receive a certificate giving your property a clean bill of electrical health!

We take our job seriously, and practice only the safest and to code services in your commercial property. You will not need to worry about any potential electrical accidents occurring to your staff or customers (though we have full public liability insurance for ease of mind), as our years of experience and attention to detail have developed our team into being the best in Perth.

If you’re interested in finding out more about electrical testing and tagging services that we offer in the Perth region, feel free to contact us for a no obligations chat!