Outdoor Lighting

KNP Electrics offer a detailed variety of exit power lighting equipment which is readily available for business, commercial or industrial use throughout the Perth Metro and broader suburbs. All KNP Electrics exit power lighting make use of cutting-edge technology to provide high performance, high dependability and cost efficient exit power lighting systems. Call KNP Electrics today to discuss our Exit Power Lighting solutions today. KNP Electrics can offer experienced help in Exit Power Lighting setup design in line with the existing Australian and New Zealand Standards and building regulations. If you are constructing a brand-new property, renovating or reconditioning an older property, give KNP Electrics a call and let us assist you with the design as well as set up to guarantee your job is finished on time and on budget with no unanticipated costs or hold ups. For the environmentally mindful, KNP Electrics can assist to guarantee your Exit Power Lighting are as environmentally friendly as possible. Extensive research and installation experience has resulted in Exit Power Lighting whose efficiency meets the high standards of the conventional KNP Electrics range whilst reducing possible long term negative environmental results. Laws surrounding the requirements and installation of Power Lighting are stringent. The Building regulations of Australia AS2293 plainly determined that Australian Standards are the minimum standard for any Exit Power Lighting. All Exit Power Lighting have to direct employees and residents to exits, be plainly noticeable to people approaching an exit, and situated in areas such as corridors, passageways, stairwells, lobby areas and in every storey of a Class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 building where the storey has a floor size larger than 300 m2. In case of a power failure, Exit Lighting needs to immediately connect. Operating for a period of 90 minutes independently of mains power, with extremely visible letters and or symbols and situated on, above or adjacent to every door supplying an escape. All Exit Lighting must be checked twice a year by a certified and licensed electrical technicians. When replacing faulty lamps and / or fittings, the Exit Lighting must be inspected and certified that all is in working order prior to conclusion. To find out more on how we can assist you call KNP Electrics today on: