Electrical Power Point Installation

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Electrical Power Point Installation

Is your home in need of more power points? Finding that your family is fighting over the phone charger or struggling between choosing to plug in the kettle or espresso machine, is a stress on your household. You may also be considering upgrading your power points with energy efficient sockets or powerpoints equipped with USB adapters. Whatever your reason, you’ll need to look at hiring electrical power point installation expert to give you the advice and quality installation for your project. 

 With more people using multiple electronics and appliances throughout the day, the addition of more powerpoints is essential to the comfort of your home.

The team at KNP electrics understand the frustration that can come with not having enough power points. That’s why we’re committed to offering fast, affordable service for power points replacement and installation. Our team are experienced and knowledgeable residential electricians that can assist in electrical solutions that will have your home performing better for you. Over our 10+ years servicing the Perth area we have built a solid reputation for offering efficient, safe and reliable service to our customers.

We’re not the type of team that ever cuts corners on our work. Everything is done to code by our licensed team of electricians, and with safest practices in mind. We’ll even provide you with a safety certificate at the completion of your work.

So why us for your job?

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Fully registered and licensed electricians
  • All work is done to the highest standards and codes (we won’t skip steps)
  • Electrical design concepts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Safety first approach
  • Minimal disturbance while we work
  • Clean and courteous to the worksite

Places you should consider installing electrical power points

 With more people using multiple electronics and appliances throughout the day, the addition of more power points is essential to the comfort of your home.

If you're in the planning phase of where to add powerpoints in your home, the team at KNP is here to offer you some great tips and ideas that will make sure your home never goes without the right amount of spot to plug in.

Televisions and appliances

If you’re looking at having your television wall mounted, you can reduce unsightly cords by having a power point installed near the wall mount. We recommend installing a power point with more than two sockets, and even an internet wall socket. These can come in quite handy for your speakers, blue ray player and streaming services.

Kitchen Area

You’ll also want wall sockets in your kitchen area where your refrigerator and dishwasher will be installed. Having these installed at the same time as your other powerpoints will save you the hassle of having to pay for another call out fee.


This is an area that is often forgotten about for installing a powerpoint, but the benefits of having one installed in the halls of your home are many. If you have an entryway you can have a USB adapted wall socket so that you can have your phone charged and ready to grab on your way out the door. It can also come in handy when vacuuming, ensuring that you have a place to plug in if your cord is not long enough.

Near your bathroom mirror

Having a spot in your bathroom to plug in your electric shaver or blow dryer is a necessity for modern day grooming habits. Having a licensed electrician install a power point in a spot that is close to the mirror will ensure that your bathroom appliances are always within reach and allow you to stay in front of the mirror while you’re getting ready!

Think about your living room

Your living room is going to be the most popular spot for electrical sockets, so consider having several installed around the room, and at least one on either side of your couch. On the side of your couch is a great idea because it allows you to plug things in without having to move your bulky furniture around, keeps them hidden from view, and allows you to charge and still use your personal devices while you have a lazy Sunday on the sofa.

In your outdoor living areas

If you spend a lot of time out in your outdoor living space, having a few powerpoints installed around the area can help keep the party going when you’re entertaining. Outdoor power points allow you to plug in items like decorative lighting, outdoor heaters, and speakers. All you’ll have to worry about after that is the BBQ.


The garage is another spot that people don’t think about often when installing powerpoints. Having several throughout your garage can prove to be extremely handy. We recommend having one towards the front of your garage, so that you can easily plug in your vacuum for those days when you clean out your car or if you need to plug in your electric leaf blower.

Add a charging station in your home

Stop fighting for the phone charger by adding a charging station to an area in your home. Advancements in electrical plugs include USB only wall sockets that will allow you to plug in your USB cord without the hassle of hunting down your phone charger.

Do you know what to look for in a good residential electrical power point technician?

A simple internet search will give you an endless number of residential electricians in the Perth area, but who to choose?

Finding a team that is experienced, creative and affordable can seem overwhelming and stressful if you’re a property owner.

So, what should you be looking for in a good  electrician? Let us tell you:

  • A team that is adaptable and creative to come up with on the spot solutions during a build or fit out.
  • Experience. Assessing an electrical teams background and experience is 100% necessary.
  • Their ability to work and effectively communicate with a broad range of customers including builders, commercial contractors, and building owners.
  • How they present themselves and if they’re capable of staying on task during a build.
  • A team that expresses passion and excitement about your project, no matter how big or small.

Ready to add or replace powerpoints in your home!

We recommend that you get any additional electrical work done at that time. This will save you on any callout fees and can ensure that all work is done by the same company.
The team at KNP electrics are full of ideas and experience in the installation of all types residential electrical service.

We’d love to meet with you and discuss how our team can assist in designing and fitting out your house with powerpoints that will make your house more functional for your needs. We offer a free quote and consultation for our jobs, so contact us today to find out how the friendly and efficient team at KNP electrics can help you today!