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KNP Electrics offer a comprehensive range of emergency power lighting equipment which is available for commercial, corporate or industrial usage across the Perth Metro and Wider suburbs areas. All KNP Electrics emergency products utilize state of the art technology to provide high performance, high reliability and cost effective emergency lighting systems.

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KNP Electrics can offer experienced assistance in emergency lighting installation design in line with the current Australian and New Zealand Standards and building codes. So if you are building a new property, renovating or refurbishing an older property, give KNP Electrics a call and let us help you with the design as well as install to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget with no unforeseen costs or hold ups. For the specially environmentally conscious KNP Electrics can assist to ensure you Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs are as environmentally friendly as possible. Extensive research and testing has resulted in Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs whose performance meets the high standards of the standard KNP Electrics range whilst minimising possible long term adverse environmental effects. Regulations surrounding the requirements and installation of Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs are strict. The Building Code of Australia AS2293 clearly dictated that Australian Standards are the minimum standard for any Emergency Power Lighting and Exit sign. All Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs must direct occupants to exits, be clearly visible to people approaching an exit, and located in areas such as hallways, passage ways, stairwells, lobby areas and in every storey of a Class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 building where the storey has a floor area greater than 300 m2. In the event of a power failure, Emergency Power Lighting must automatically connect. Operating for a period of 90 minutes independently of mains power, with highly visible letters and or symbols and located on, above or adjacent to every door providing an escape. All Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs must be tested twice a year by a qualified and licenses electrician. In the circumstance that a fault is identified at any time, it must be rectified without delay. When replacing faulty lamps and / or fittings, the Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs must be checked and certified that all is in working order prior to completion. Inverters, distribution and control equipment, batteries, battery chargers, and luminaries all need to be checked, along with a system operation and automatic discharge facility check. This will ensure that if and when the emergency lighting and exit signs need to be used, they will be guaranteed to provide a defined and luminous exit path for all people within the building. For more information on how we can assist you with your Emergency Power Lighting and Exit signs, call KNP Electrics today on: