Smoke Alarm Installations

KNP Electrics source and supply the best Smoke Alarms Perth has to offer . We guarantee every smoke alarm we fit complies with Australian Standard AS 3786. This is crucial as it is now a mandatory requirement that every brand-new home, industrial or commercial building developed in Perth be fitted with a mains powered with battery back-up Smoke Alarm to ensure you, your family, workers and visitors are safe. If you are planning to have smoke alarms installed in your domestic, commercial or industrial properties, call KNP Electrics today. It is also necessary to know if you own an existing residential, commercial or industrial property that your battery powered smoke alarms are to be changed with mains powered with battery back-up smoke alarms if you plan to rent or sell your property. Being wired to your mains means they need to be installed by one of the qualified and accredited electrical contractors at KNP Electrics. If you want the job done right, KNP Electrics advises that you ought to have more than one Smoke Alarm, and they need to be interconnected so that if one goes off, so do the rest. This will result in maximizing the opportunities of signalling everybody in the property that there is a fire and to start the evacuation process. Since 1 May 2014, the BCA requires the interconnection of smoke detector on all brand-new builds from July 1 2014 where more than one alarm is needed to be set up. KNP Electrics offer a smoke alarm installation service to the whole of the wider Perth area. Our certified Smoke Alarm Electricians can advise what kind of smoke alarm must be utilized in any particular location and where to install your smoke alarms for maximum efficiency. Don’t take any chances. Call today and have one of our experienced and expert Smoke Alarm Installation electricians show you how your smoke detectors can be tactically placed and hardwired into your electrical system, offering your family the very best possibility of early detection. You never understand when disaster might strike. Be safe, call KNP Electrics now!