KNP Electrics offers quality products at competitive rates, the expert team who cover all areas of electrical application and installation.

Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

We want your Business and here's why.

We’re dedicated to providing you with a highly valued electrical service and customer experience. Because that way everytime you need an electrician, you’ll call the friendly team at KNP Electrics!

Why KNP for Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

Imagine living without electricity… What would you do?

We’re betting that your daily existence would be thrown into chaos (we know ours would). The World today relies heavily on electricity, for everything from charging our phones to cooling our homes.

The idea of your much loved appliances not working is too scary to think about. However, over time electrical items will break down and need to be repaired or replaced.

Being prepared and maintaining your property’s wiring and other electrical systems will ensure that you’re never left without the comforts that are important to you… and that’s where the team at KNP Electrics comes in.

We’re more than just your standard electricians. Besides providing the best quality electrical maintenance and repairs, our number one goal is to provide great customer service that is honest, competitively priced, and leaves you knowing that you’ve received the best care for your home.

We always conduct ourselves with your safety in mind, and always to code.

We provide a great range of electrical services and repairs that go beyond traditional applications. Check them out below or feel free to call us for a no obligation call out to discuss your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

General Electrical

  • Power Points
  • Fans
  • Ovens

Nothing is worse than when your everyday power sources breakdown.

We can fix anything from the oven to your garage door, so you can get your household or business back to normal.

24/7 Breakdown Service

When an electrical emergency strikes at your home, it’s nice to know that 24-hour help is just a phone call away.

No matter what day or time, we’ll be there ready to get help.

Air Conditioning

In our warm W.A. climate, it’s always important to beat the heat, and that means keeping your air conditioner serviced and maintained.

Our repairs team is fully qualified to keep your residential or home air conditioning unit in tip top shape.

Switchboard Repair & Upgrade

Tripped fuses and non-functioning safety switches can be extremely dangerous for your home.

Our team understands that your switchboard is the electrical heart of your home and can assist in any repairs, upgrades or maintenance you may require.

Preventative maintenance

Are you a “Better safe than sorry” type of person?


We love people who are keen to get a jump on any issues they may run into in the future of their home or commercial property.

Smoke Alarms

All buildings, commercial and domestic are required by law to be fitted with smoke alarms.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure you have your smoke alarms functioning properly.

Electrical maintenance and repairs Perth, WA

KNP Electrics providing electrical maintenance and repairs, covering the Perth area and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our team will work with you step by step, offering experienced advice on design, safety, and practicality. Coupled with our efficient, friendly service, this guarantees the safety of your home or commercial property.

We take pride in all our work and every job we take on receives the highest level of our attention to detail.

For Perth Electrical Contractors in Commercial, Residential and Emergency 24/7 Services, contact KNP Electrics on (08) 6243 1756 or