Switchboard Upgrades

“Wear and tear” is something suffered by all technology in the electrical industry, Switchboards are not immune to this. Unless maintained to manufacturers and Australian Standards, switchboards can become fault and dangerous. This can lead to injury or a costly halt in your business and result in the need for switchboard upgrades.

With an aim to assist our clients avoid unplanned power outages and the inconvenience and negative impact to business that comes with it, KNP Electrics offers onsite switchboard upgrades, Installation, Maintenance or if required after our exhaustive audit, Replacement.

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Specially trained, our qualified and licensed electricians are able to attend local or remote sites to ensure your switchboards meet minimum quality and are compliant with current Australian Standards. KNP Electrics have proven to be essential to those clients that have engaged us to perform audits and subsequent maintenance to satisfy the requirements of AS 2467 – Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear.

The work carried out by the KNP Electrics electrical team is comprehensive and includes consideration of the following:

  • The environment and physical surrounds where the current switchboard is installed. We are especially aware of contaminants like water, dust or corrosive chemicals that may promote deterioration and / or failure of the equipment.
  • Ensuring that the condition of the cabinet or enclosure that the equipment is housed in. Should this be faulty it will allow the above mentioned contaminants to gain easy access to your important equipment. This can easily lead to deterioration and eventually failure of the switchboard.
  • Inspection of the condition of cabling to ensure no deterioration, missing components or contamination.
  • Inspection of the switchgear including the general condition of any motor starters and the general serviceability of the components.

Once the audit has been completed, our Electricians will supply a comprehensive list of recommendations to not only allow you to meet minimum Australian Standards, but to take the extra step in ensuring your staff and resident safety and the operational longevity of the switchboard in question. Upgrades and modifications can be supplied either engaging KNP Electrics to complete them or be included in the ongoing standard maintenance schedule of operations for the site, property or residence. In conjunction with switchboard audits KNP Electrics also offer clients our services to modify switchboards on site, accommodating switchboard extensions and carrying out switchboard upgrades.

In conjunction with switchboard audits KNP Electrics offer clients our services to modify switchboards on site, accommodating switchboard extensions and / or upgrades. We are always ready to help.

Should a switchboard be deemed faulty and require replacement by our clients then a suitable switchboard can be priced, designed, built and installed within the parameters of the existing board. The design criterion derived from site measurements ensures the replacement time is kept to a minimum and reduces the effect of utilising existing cable runs though accommodating original cable positions and termination points.

You would not run you fleet of motor vehicles without maintenance and servicing, so just because your switchboard is “out of sight” does not mean it should be “out of mind”.