Switchboard Maintenance

The main switchboard is the core centre of your business or home’s electricity supply. With the overwhelmingly large amount of electrical appliances, equipment, and air conditioners,  regular switchboard maintenance is imperative to ensure the protection of your family or employees.

Many older home and properties have re-wirable fuse style switchboards which provide the bare minimum in terms of protection for your home or office. If previously the wrong type of fuse has been used, this can be detrimental and cause a fire or dangerous state. KNP Electrics electricians can replace your old fuse box with an updated circuit breaker type that will ensure your property is better protected against overloads and short circuits in your electrical application. We can advise or even install an RCD or replace your safety switch.

Since 2008, an electrical standard was introduced to ensure a safety switch must be installed onto an existing circuit that has been modified or new circuit 20amps or under. Our fully licensed and qualified Perth electricians can upgrade or if needed, replace your entire mains, metre box and point of entry. If you plan on renovating your property or installing larger electrical units including air conditioners, you may need to upgrade the point of entry, mains & main switchboard and metre box. Contact us today about switchboard maintenance and upgrades.

KNP Electrics can provide a variety of solutions for your commercial or domestic switchboard requirements including:

  • Safety Switch Upgrades
  • Domestic Switchboard Upgrades
  • Switchboard Installation / Repairs / Alterations
  • Property Repairs & Maintenance
  • Residential Supply Authority Metering
  • Metering Installations
  • Testing & Tagging
  • RCD Testing
  • Fault Finding
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Rewiring / Extensions

Our Electrical Services Perth are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to carry out switchboard maintenance and upgrades in a professional and prompt response. KNP Electricians work with you to step by step offering experienced advice on design, safety and practicality, which when coupled with our efficient, friendly service, guarantee the safety of your commercial business.  We take pride in all of our work and every job requires the highest level of our attention to detail.

For Perth Electrical Contractors in Commercial, Residential and Emergency 24 Hour Electrician Services, contact KNP Electrics Perth on (08) 6243 1756 or karl@knpelectrics.com.au

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