Ceiling fan installations

While many homeowners in Perth make the decision to install air conditioning, plenty opt for ceiling fans instead. KNP Electrics & Air can design, supply and install ceiling fan systems for new and existing homes.

As energy bills continue to soar and families grow more aware of the need to conserve energy the popularity of ceiling fans is set to rise. Take a look at these energy and cost-saving benefits.

Why opt for ceiling fans?

They’re cheaper to run than an air conditioning. Ceiling fans are becoming increasingly popular because they consume approximately 65 watts per hours, as opposed to air conditioners which use around 2,200 watts per hour.

They help you acclimatise to the heat. Rather than cooling the air in your home down like an air conditioning system, ceiling fans keep you cool by circulating the air and allow you to acclimatise to the heat rather than shielding you from it.

They’re versatile. Your options are many when choosing a ceiling fan. Some popular styles include timber, powder-coated, stainless steel, decorative and light-compatible. Some ranges come equipped with remote controls so you can regulate fan speed and light with the touch of the button.

Their price range is broad. An average brushed chrome ceiling fan costs around $200. Marine-grade stainless steel fans are the next level up at $400, or on the highest end of the scale a whisper-quiet fan will run around $800. While many are locked out of the air-conditioning market, there’s a ceiling fan for every price point.

Despite COVID-19, it’s still business (mostly) as usual at KNP Electrics & Air. You can find out more about what we’re doing to keep you and our team safe here.

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