Lighting installation

KNP Electrics & Air can rig up your lighting no matter what size or budget. Our electricians design and install lighting solutions geared toward your needs – whether that be energy efficiency, cost-efficiency or aesthetic design.

Some of our key lighting installation services include:

  • Downlights
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Outdoor garden lighting
  • Indoor feature lighting
  • Lamp replacements

Maintenance advice

Just like any electrical system, maintenance is required to ensure your electrical lighting systems don’t deterioration due to age, exposure or harsh environments. KNP Electrics & Air can give you a complete and concise rundown of the maintenance required to ensure you stay code-compliant – and to maximise your value for money.  

Energy efficiency

Energy prices are climbing – but we can help you investigate your options on reducing the associated cost. You may be surprised at the savings you can make based on KNP’s energy reduction recommendations. We can implement new or replace dated infrastructure with bright, modern, cutting-edge solutions.

Despite COVID-19, it’s still business (mostly) as usual at KNP Electrics & Air. You can find out more about what we’re doing to keep you and our team safe here.

Reach out to our consultants to find out more about what KNP can do for you today on (08) 6243 1756 or [email protected] 

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