Smoke alarm installation

It is a requirement in Western Australia that all residential properties sold, rented or hired are fitted out with mains-powered smoke alarms.

Hard-wired smoke alarms can easily be installed by a licensed electrician. They provide a higher level of safety compared to traditional battery-powered smoke alarms – the most important one being that you don’t have to worry about changing the battery out of your smoke alarm again. That’s because wired smoke alarms run through your home’s electricity and even come equipped with a back-up battery pack in case of a power outage.

Why fit a smoke alarm with KNP?

KNP Electrics & Air source and supply top-tier smoke alarms. We guarantee every smoke alarm we fit complies with Australian Standard AS 3786.

KNP installs smoke alarms in newly-built homes and retrofits mains-powered alarms for existing homes. We offer hassle-free, full-scope electrics with minimal interruption to your home.

Despite COVID-19, it’s still business (mostly) as usual at KNP Electrics & Air. You can find out more about what we’re doing to keep you and our team safe here.

Reach out to our consultants to find out more about what KNP can do for you today on (08) 6243 1756 or [email protected] 

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