Switchboard upgrades

You wouldn’t run your car without maintenance and servicing – just because your switchboard is out of sight it doesn’t mean it should be out of mind!

Wear and tear is something suffered by all technology in the electrical industry – and switchboards are not immune to it. Unless maintained to both manufacturers’ and Australian Standards, switchboards can become faulty and therefore dangerous.

KNP Electrics & Air offers onsite switchboard upgrades, installation and maintenance. If required after our exhaustive audit, we also offer replacement services. Our qualified electricians can attend both local and remote sites to ensure your switchboards are compliant with current Australian Standards.

The work carried out by the KNP Electrics & Air team is comprehensive.

  • Environmental and physical surrounds examination
  • Switchboard housing examination
  • Cabling inspection
  • Switchgear inspection, including the general condition of any motor starters and the general serviceability of the components.

Should a switchboard be deemed faulty and require replacement by our clients then a suitable switchboard can be priced, designed, built and installed within the parameters of the existing board.

KNP Electrics & Air have proven to be essential to clients who have engaged us to perform audits and subsequent maintenance to satisfy the requirements of AS 2467 – Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear.

Despite COVID-19, it’s still business (mostly) as usual at KNP Electrics & Air. You can find out more about what we’re doing to keep you and our team safe here.

Reach out to our consultants to find out more about what KNP can do for you today on (08) 6243 1756 or [email protected] 

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